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Blue Raven Music Studios

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Call us today 402 486-0599

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Thanks for checking out our website and make sure to check out our Facebook page as well!

Blue Raven is a music studio that prides itself on being a welcoming environment for all ages and playing levels. We stand by our belief that music is for everyone. Whether the end result is to be a performing musician or just want to strum away on a lazy Sunday afternoon we can help you reach your goals.

We offer flexible day/evening and weekend scheduling.

Music can bring joy and fulfillment throughout your entire lifetime. So whether you are beginning your musical journey at 5 or 50 the right time to start is now!
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June 12th - 16th 8 AM to 1PM
Check out our new Summer camp for singers! For ages 6-14, This camp will offer both individual and group vocal work ending with final performance. For more information call us! Download the registration form now!

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We are currently enrolling for Summer sessions starting now!

We offer:
guitar lessons
piano lessons
banjo lessons
bass lessons,
voice lessons,
mandolin lessons,
Violin Lessons,
Fiddle Lessons
youth guitar lessons
dobro lessons!

Give us a call to get started!

Check out our Teen Bluegrass group, The Prairie Creek Ramblers!

Blue Raven Music Studios
Lessons offered in Guitar, Piano, Voice, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, violin, Fiddle and Bass

Band and Orchestra Rental and Sales
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Phone 402-486-0599